Your dream, our philosophy

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever come across a place so beautiful that it will forever be engrained in your memory?

Our lands are proof that love at first sight does exist, and we hope you will join us to experience it first-hand!

There are lands spread across our the world that are capable of moving us with immense power, of offering the senses a thousand and one colours that awaken them, of giving us the gift of the perfect dream – whether one is a photographer, a naturalist, a hunter or aesthete.

May we, over these few words and images, inspire you with the desire to take a trip to one of our territories to experience such profound beauty and adventures by our side.


For those fortunate enough to know it, Tanzania is simply the epitome of Africa. And for those who are lucky enough to hunt there, this country is simply a hunting paradise. We could almost stop there, as these two sentences are obvious, and so each of us is intimately convinced …

On the banks of the Vina River, the Derby eland is king!

Located in north-eastern Cameroon, just a stone’s throw away from the borders of Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR), Area 27 extends over 130,000 hectares. Just a three-hour drive from N’Gaoundéré, this hunting territory constitutes, along with Area 22, a larger whole totalling 250,000 hectares and benefitting from the same successful management team. Be way of comparison, the famous Faro National Park located further north and bordering Nigeria, boasts an area of 330,000 hectares.

Konkombri, the House of the Buffalo

The Buffalo House! This perfectly sums up the fame attached to this mythical place in the north of Benin! And what a reputation: within the area that we present to you here – the hunters who know it will easily confirm it – we simply meet the most beautiful savanna buffaloes in all of West Africa …