Three territories,
three wildlife

For those fortunate enough to know it, Tanzania is simply the epitome of Africa. And for those who are lucky enough to hunt there, this country is simply a hunting paradise. We could almost stop there, as these two sentences are obvious, and so each of us is intimately convinced …


However, the three Tanzanian territories that we present to you here are so conducive to life-size dreams, unforgettable experiences and the freedom of wide-open spaces that it would be, dear visitors, particularly discourteous to leave you like this, on your hunger!


Because these territories – which total almost 750,000 ha – offer an extraordinary variety of biotopes and landscapes, for a diversity of represented animal species which has few equivalents across the planet. To visit and stay there is to explore the purest and most sublime manifestation of the wild world.



Our first two hunting grounds, Moyowosi South and Uvinza, are located in north-western Tanzania and touch a huge national reserve of one million hectares. Bordering the Malagarasi River, the main tributary of Tanganyika, one and the other of these sites – which cover 305,200 and 256,100 ha respectively! – mix wetlands and flood plains, grasslands and miombo forests (a sort of shrubby savannah typical of this part of Africa), sandbanks and small islands … where the bird lover can contemplate at leisure a considerable number of different, and sometimes rare, species such as the famous beak-hoof, for example.


Needless to say, moreover, that the fishing lover will find here more than his happiness, with, in particular, the very combative and formidable tiger fish that populates the waters of the Malagarasi … A fish like no other like which you can d ‘elsewhere measure you because, in these areas of Moyowosi South and Uvinza, we offer stays combining hunting and fishing!



What is true of Moyowosi South and Uvinza is also true of our third zone: Lake Natron. Located in the northeast of Tanzania, near the border with Kenya, this area, which spreads over 188,500 ha, literally bathes in the salt water of the famous Lake Natron, refuge of tranquility for thousands of birds including, but not limited to, flamingos and flamingos.


A place of contrasts, it presents a portion of forest that can be described as tropical, marshy and sandy parts, but also semi-desert areas: the vision of Mount Gelai – extinct volcano around 3,000 m above sea level – reflected in the salt waves of the lake is a delight for the eye…


The huntable fauna is there. Because we meet here the buffalo – the famous caffer -, the gazelles of Grant and Thomson, the impala, the furti.

We also offer tailor-made safaris on request.




Day 1

International flight arrival in Kilimanjaro airport. Meet and greet and transfer to the hotel.


Day 2

Plane transfer with private charter plane in the morning to Moyowosi Game Reserve.


Days 3-13

10 full hunting days.


Day 14

Plane transfer with private charter plane in the morning to Moyowosi Game Reserve; meet and greet. International flight departure in the evening of the same day.




15th June to November.




Luxury tent east African style. Our tents are equipped with bathroom, with shower and toilet. French cuisine.




The services of a complete crew including professional hunter, trackers, cooks, skinners, stewards and their necessary assistants.


Provision of fully equipped camp and WIFI.


Global Fees (Hunting licenses, Conservation Fee, Concession fees and Government Trophy Handling Fees).


Preparation of trophies (skinning and salting) in the field including transportation to Arusha.


Processing, documentation and crating of trophies for exportation.


Provision of a medical chest.


The supply of fine food, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as preserved food of the highest quality available.


Special requirements will be catered to as far as possible, provided advance notice is given.


Supply of soft drinks, mineral water, and all alcoholic beverages to reasonable consumption.


The provision of transport; one modern 4 x 4 safari vehicle per professional hunter and the necessary load carriers for equipment, provisions, trophies and staff.


The skinning and preservation of trophies in the field plus dipping and handling.


A company representative to assist you upon arrival and departure.



Hotel accommodation and expenses before, during and after the safari days.


Commercial airline flights, visas, airport tax and items of a personal nature.


Gratuities to the staff and the professional hunter.


Cost of transporting equipment and personnel to places beyond our concessions for specific purposes as requested i.e. photographic safari expeditions.


Airfreight of trophies from Tanzania to the final destination.