Whether it is Cameroon, Benin or even Tanzania, each of our territories is managed in line with our philosophy to which we firmly adhere: the practice of responsible hunting and the very possibility of living exceptional safaris that are entirely conditioned by conservation measures that protect wild fauna and the interests of the neighbouring local communities, all whilst providing our clients with unique and unforgettable experiences in places whose beauty is unmatched.

Our lands have seen unprecedented growth in numbers of several populations of species, amongst them the mythical Lord Derby eland, the roan Hippotrague, the Buffalo cobe and other antelopes seen on our Cameroonian areas along the Vina River.

Our Beninese territory of Konkombri – nicknamed the House of the buffalo -, accounts with some of the largest herds of savannah buffaloes in the West. In western and northern Tanzania, among the hundreds of thousands of hectares covered by our three areas of Moyowosi South, Uvinza and Lake Natron, countless species coexist in a vastly open environment with varied biotopes. From lions to leopards, from elephants to the oryx passing by the little kudu or the sitatunga, it is precisely thanks to our ability to reconcile the exploitation of local natural resources that we have managed to conserve the species and contribute to the beauty of the area.

Conservation is a long-term job; a commitment that takes place over time; a complexity of the land intertwined with human existence. Protection of habitats, spatial planning, constantly updated knowledge animal densities and their evolution in the land, and the active fight against poaching as a threat not only to the animals but to society as a whole are what we work to improve on a daily basis. Not only do we believe in the fruitfulness of this practical philosophy, but we invite you to come and appreciate its effects on the ground.
Hunting, the big game we love, is today a key player in the conservation dynamic in Africa.

Who we are

We are professional hunters, guides, organizers of hunting, fishing and photo safaris, travel agents, conservationists, anti-poaching specialists and real estate agents specializing in the sale of hunting grounds and lodges.